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Our experience to develop your website design and conversion strategy to identify actions and marketable opportunities within your website


Your website isn't engaging?

We hear that a lot from business owners.


Poor Engagement Metrics.

Getting traffic to your website is one thing. Keeping people engaged on your site for more than 30 seconds requires a strong UX foundation to keep users engaged and curious.

Decreased organic Traffic.

Analyzing website data, conducting keyword research, and addressing technical issues promptly can help identify and mitigate the factors contributing to the decrease in organic traffic.

High bounce rate.

Visitors to your website need more than smoke and lasers to buy into your offering. They need an intuitive and frictionless experience to guide them from A to B.

Low conversion rate.

Examining user behavior, refining website content and design, and deploying focused marketing strategies, businesses can enhance their conversion rates and prompt more valuable interactions from website visitors.

Before creative design, we focus on a solid UX strategy.

Understanding the unique user journey within each page of a website is paramount. We help you effectively plan and execute your web strategy to turn visitors into customers.

Build on data and experience

We mix our experience with real-world user data from your website and competitor’s sites to build a winning UX design strategy.

Collaborate and educate

Together, we work to understand your audience and how to craft a user experience that will keep them engaged and wanting more.

Focus on the end user

Creating positive experiences for the end user is what it’s all about. We stay laser-focused on visitors want so we can turn them into customers.


"We approached Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd with a seemingly impossible challenge, but they tackled it with grace and finesse. Their problem-solving skills are second to none, and their ability to find elegant solutions to complex problems is truly remarkable. If you're facing a design dilemma,Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd is the team you want in your corner."

Sagar K

Administrator,Kappi Katte

"In a world inundated with cookie-cutter designs,Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd dares to stand out. Their bold creativity and out-of-the-box thinking breathe life into every project they touch. Working with them was an adventure, and the end result was nothing short of extraordinary. If you want to be remembered, choose Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd."

Manoj Kumar

Professore,Daynand Sagar Institute

"When it comes to UX/UI design, it's not just about aesthetics it's about understanding human behavior where IA Strategy play a vitsl role. That's where Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd excels. Their designs aren't just visually appealing,they're rooted in IA Strategy and User research. Working with them opened our eyes to the power of thoughtful design, and we're forever grateful."

Sanjay Agrawal

Administrative Staff,Gold Palace

"As a marketing agency, we understand the power of good design in capturing audience attention. That's why we trust Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd to handle all our design needs. Their ability to translate our ideas into visually stunning interfaces is truly remarkable. They're not just designers; they're storytellers who bring brands to life through their creativity and expertise."

Ruhi T

Robotics Professore,Happymango

"In a competitive digital landscape, user experience is everything. That's why we chose Numa Soft Technolgies pvt ltd for our design needs. Their team's ability to blend aesthetics with functionality is truly commendable. They don't just design interfaces,they create meaningful experiences that resonate with users on a deep level."

Saniya K

CSR, Kredifi

Expertly crafted websites, start to finish.


Discovery phase in website design is an initial stage where designers and stakeholders collaborate to gather information, define project goals, and outline project requirements. It involves conducting research, analyzing competitors, identifying target audience needs, and establishing project scope, objectives, and timelines. The goal of the discovery phase is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's context, constraints, and opportunities, laying the groundwork for a successful design process.


Analysis phase in website design involves a thorough examination of the information gathered during the discovery phase. Designers delve into user research, competitor analysis, and stakeholder feedback to gain insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviors. They also assess technical requirements, content strategies, and design considerations to ensure alignment with project goals and objectives. The analysis phase serves as a foundation for making informed decisions and developing effective strategies that will guide the design and development process. It helps identify challenges, opportunities, and key priorities, setting the stage for creating a successful website that meets both user and business requirements.


Implementation phase in website design is where the actual development and construction of the website take place based on the plans and decisions made during the previous phases. This phase involves translating the design concepts, wireframes, and prototypes into functional web pages using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers work on building the website's structure, layout, navigation, and interactive elements, ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers. Content management system may be integrated, and functionalities such as forms, databases, and e-commerce features are implemented.

The implementation phase requires collaboration between designers, developers, and content creators to ensure that the final website aligns with the project's objectives and meets the needs of its users. Testing and quality assurance procedures are also carried out during this phase to identify and resolve any issues before the website is launched.


collaboration phase in website design is a critical stage where designers, developers, stakeholders, and other team members work together closely to bring the project to fruition. During this phase, effective communication and cooperation are essential to ensure that everyone's input and expertise are integrated seamlessly into the design process. Collaborative tools and platforms may be utilized to facilitate real-time communication, file sharing, and project management tasks.

Discussions, brainstorming sessions, and regular meetings help align everyone's goals, clarify expectations, and address any challenges allenges or concerns that arise along the way. The collaboration phase fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork, enabling the team to leverage diverse perspectives and skills to deliver a successful website that meets both user needs and business objectives.


Refine phase in website design is where the project undergoes iterative improvements and adjustments based on feedback, testing, and analysis. This phase follows the initial implementation and involves fine-tuning various elements of the website to enhance its functionality, usability, and overall user experience. Designers and developers review user feedback, conduct usability testing, and analyze website metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

They may refine the website's layout, navigation, content, and visual elements to better align with user preferences and achieve project objectives. The refine phase is an ongoing process that emphasizes continuous iteration and refinement to ensure that the website meets the needs of its target audience and delivers optimal results.




In 2020, we seized a pivotal opportunity: the chance to undertake the redesign of the online platform for AquaOffer. Over the course of approximately Three months, a dedicated team of five individuals pooled their expertise to develop an engaging and highly functional website.

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UX design sets the foundation for success on the web, whether you’re trying to improve conversion rates or organic rankings. We can help you put together a plan to create a winning website.